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Best PumpWorks is an authorized distributor of GE Surface Pumping Systems.

The popularity of the GE Oil & Gas SPS as an oil pipeline pump is a reflection of its efficiency, versatility and, cost-effective. Another reason for its popularity is the flexibility of the SPS design that allows it to be modified in the field in many different ways depending on customers changing needs. In fact, the SPS been installed with virtually every type of industrial driver – electric motors, gas and steam turbines, diesel and gas engines.

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GE Oil & Gas Surface Pumping Systems (SPS)

Surface Pump System GE

SPS systems are delivered pre-assembled and include:

  • Discharge Head
  • Multi-stage Horizontal Centrifugal Pump
  • Mechanical Seal
  • Suction Chamber
  • Suction Chamber
  • Thrust Chamber
  • Motor
  • Flexible Coupling

The system is GE designed for years of operation, worry-free maintenance and reliability.

GE’s SPS incorporates multi-stage, horizontal centrifugal pumps with industry-leading, high-efficiency designs. The pump is an easily replaceable module, enabling expansion into larger diameters and higher flow-rates.

Additional pump elements can also be added for changing duty conditions. Most pumps are “mixed flow” design for improved abrasion resistance, enhanced gas handling and higher efficiency.Routine maintenance of the SPS pumps is trouble free, and consists of a quarterly lubricant change and component check. SPS pumps generate little-to-no vibration-related wear or stress on piping components, increasing pump reliability and run time.