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Best PumpWorks is the exclusive distributor of PumpWorks610 API 610 Pumps.

PumpWorks 610 manufactures centrifugal API 610 / ISO 13709 pumps for petroleum refinery, gas processing, oil processing, petrochemical, hydrocarbon and crude oil pipeline, offshore installations (platform) and aviation jet fueling.

You will find the process of developing your API 610 pump an enjoyable process and you can be confident that your finished product will meet or exceed your exact specifications.

All pumps can be developed 16 weeks – 26 weeks depending on model.

API 610 Pumps are built, assembled and performance tested in full compliance with API 610/ISO 13709 in Tyler, Texas.

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PumpWorks 610 API 610 OH2 Horizontal Pump Model PWH

PWH 08 08 09 DSC_0768 CORRECTED

PumpWorks 610 API 610 OH2 Horizontal Pump Hodel PWH

PWH API 610 pump features are designed to increase efficiency and the life of the pump. Optional features can be added to improve the design for higher temperature applications. The horizontal pump’s bearing housing configuration allows for maximum parts interchangeability, improved heat dissipation, and prevention of oil contamination. PWH also features the exclusive “Smart Lube System” for zero downtime oil mist conversion.

To learn more, visit API 610 Horizontal Pump Model PWH

PumpWorks 610 API 610 Vertical Process Pumps Model PWV


(LEFT) Vertical Turbine Pump Suspended Double Casing (Can Type) VS6(RIGHT) Vertical Turbine Pump Suspended Single Casing (Sump Type / Wet Pit) VS1

The API 610 vertical turbine pump features allow for easy maintenance, higher efficiency and a longer life. The renewable bowl and impeller wear rings permit re-establishing initial running clearances and efficiency. The suction barrel is designed to resist rust and corrosion as well as minimize velocity along the can length, resulting in optimum hydraulic inlet conditions at the suction bowl entrance.

Standard lead time for manufacture is 16 weeks of less.

To learn more, visit API 610 Vertical Pumps

PumpWorks 610 API 610 Multistage BB3 Pump Model PWM


Model PWM API 610 11th Edition Type BB3 Multistage Axially Split Side Suction with Side Discharge Process Pump

Model PWM is the PumpWorks 610 API 610 11th edition type BB3 multistage horizontal split case side suction, side discharge process pump in API material classes S-1, S-6, S-8 and A-8. Other material combinations are available.

Shorter lead times –26 weeks Material Class S-1 and less for API 610

To learn more, visit API 610 Type BB3 Multistage Pump

PumpWorks 610 API 610 Vertical OH4 In-line Process Pump Model PWI


PWI API 610 Vertical In-line Single Stage OH4 pump

The PWI API 610 is an API rigid coupled vertical in-line pump designed to cover a wide range of applications found in petroleum processing facilities, gas processing, petrochemical, offshore installations (platforms), hydrocarbon and crude oil pipeline and aviation (jet) fueling applications. The rugged, economical and compact PWI in-line design eliminates the need for an expensive baseplate and saves valuable floor space.

Delivers in 16-18 Weeks

To learn more, visit Vertical In-line Process Pump

PumpWorks 610 API 610 OH2 Retrofit Upgrade Kit PWI-11

Model PW-11 API 610

Model PW-11 API 610(1) and (2) Model PW-11 API 610 11th edition power frame upgrade kit for any brand of existing OH2 pump

Best Pumpworks offers PW-11, a retrofit upgrade that meets API 610 11th edition for horizontal single stage OH2 process pumps. The upgrade ensures petroleum refineries have a fast and cost-effective way to modify any brand of existing OH2 pump and achieve API 610 11th edition requirements/reliability without expensive changes to the wet end (casing & impeller) and piping. We utilize customers existing casing and impeller with PumpWorks 610 PW-11 retrofit upgrade kit.

Alternatively, with access to over 1,200 single stage surplus/used OH2 overhung process pumps, we can match your existing unit. PumpWorks 610 upgrades the surplus/used pump out of inventory to drop in place, providing a quick and cost-effective upgraded replacement for your process pump.

To learn more, visit PW-11 API 610 Upgrade

PumpWorks 610 API 610 Single Stage Pump PWD


API 610 Single Stage Pump PWD

The PWD is an ISO 13709 / API 610 complaint Type BB1 axially split, single stage, horizontal, between bearing pump. The application for the pumps focus on crude oil pipelines and boiler feed boosting – tank farms anywhere storage and transfer pumps can be used. The PWD robust casing and custom hydraulics are specifically designed to meet project with aggressive parameters.

To learn more, visit Pumpworks610