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Seal Repair

Best PumpWorks is the only place you need to go for all your pump sealing needs. The Sealing Technology Division of Best PumpWorks’ is dedicated to providing expert sales, seal service, replacement, repair and installation to support your pump and industrial shaft sealing requirements.

Best PumpWorks offers over 3 decades of hands-on experience in the application, selection, troubleshooting, and repair of mechanical seals. We repair all manufacture seals. This knowledge base spans a wide variety of applications from general industrial to process industries such as chemical, petroleum refining and marine. Experience with all types of brands of seals is critical to providing the customer with proper support.

Pump Seal Capabilities:

  • Large Inventory of New and Replacement Seals and Seal Parts
  • Complete Mechanical Seal Repair — All Manufacturers Including Flowserve and John Crane, EagleBurgmann, Chesterton, AES, Champion and Flex-A-Seal
  • New Mechanical Seals
  • Seal Failure Analysis and Reports with All Repairs

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Seal Installation

Seal Repair



Extensive Inventory of New Pump Seals

Extensive Inventory of New Pump Seals


Best PumpWorks maintains an extensive inventory of new mechanical seals ready to ship to you or to install in our manufacturing facility. Best PumpWorks offers some of the best seals available from:

    • Flex-A-Seal


Mechanical Seal Repair

Mechanical Seal Repair

Mechanical Seal Repair

Best PumpWorks offers trained seal specialists and extensive in-house repair capabilities to service and repair ALL brands and types of seals including (but not limited to):

  • FlowServe
  • John Crane
  • BWIP/Durametallic
  • EagleBurgmann
  • Flex-A-Seal
  • Sealol
  • Chesterton
  • Champion

Before we do a seal repair, we conduct a review of your equipment to isolate problem areas and to determine how to achieve long-term reliability with your seals. Our review consists of:

  • Extensive design and material review conducted to determine cause of seal failures and make corrective recommendations
  • Repair path suggested by Sealing Technology Division, who understand both pumps and seals
  • Our detailed Seal Failure and Evaluation Report follows your repair so you’ll know the cause of your seal failure

Pump Seal Installation

Mechanical Seal Repair Pump


Once a seal is selected, our trained technicians can modify stuffing boxes, substitute component materials, re-install the seal and pressure test the entire pump. The mechanical seal can also be field installed to assure a positive fit and true alignment.