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As one of the largest pump distributors and remanufacturers in the world, Best PumpWorks has built its reputation on engineering, inventory, manufacturing, and comprehensive pump services. With facilities located in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, we are well known for our fast turnaround on in-shop and 24/7 onsite centrifugal pump and seal repairs.

Experienced mechanical engineers, repair technicians and reliability engineers ensure that your repair work is done right the first time – and ready when you need it.

Best PumpWorks provides:

  • Repair estimates turned around within 72 hours on most pumps
  • Repairs turned around within 48 hours depending upon the nature of the repair.
  • Class “A” repairs and maintenance
  • Factory-authorized repair center
  • One-year repair guarantee
  • In-shop diagnostics, repairs and service with superior turnaround times
  • Onsite field repairs and service available 24/7
  • Aggressive job-tracking to keep your job on schedule
  • Fast track rush repair service for rapid turnaround

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Keep Your Pump in Top Condition

  • With our 5-Point CORE* Program
  • Pump Equipment Optimized
  • In-house Mechanical Seal Repair
  • Ongoing Pump Documentation
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Precision Alignment & Lubrication

*Complete Onsite Reliability of Equipment

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24/7 On-Site Field Pump Repair


Pump Repair

Best PumpWorks pump service and repair field technicians are highly experienced and thoroughly trained to provide you with efficient on-site pump repairs, seals and shaft replacements when you need it done fast.

  • Dispatched regionally for the fastest response
  • Supported by our engineering and product support staff
  • Equipped with vehicles loaded with the tools and parts to reduce second trips
  • Prepared for on-site preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Able to data gathering and analysis with the CORE (Complete On-site Reliability of Equipment) system.

Learn about CORE

In-Shop Pump Repair Evaluation

Pump Repair Evaluation

Pump Repair Evaluation

The Best PumpWorks team of Service Center Engineers manages the repair process to determine the best way to get your equipment to optimum operating condition. Our process includes:

  • Review of mechanical and hydraulic condition of pump
  • Evaluation of material selection, condition of register and pilot fits, mechanical seal design and materials used, bearing selection (including clearance and cage material),thrust load calculation and lubrication method

Additional analysis services Include:

  • Lateral Rotor-dynamic Analysis
  • Torsional Rotor-dynamic Analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Modal Element Analysis

Comprehensive Diagnostic Analysis

Rotordynamic Analysis

Diagnostic Analysis

Before your pump repair gets started, Best PumpWorks runs a comprehensive battery of tests to find the cause of your equipment failure. Testing includes:

  • Metallurgical alloy identification (PMI) determines exact composition of your pump materials to ensure integrity of pump parts
  • Exact measuring with our Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), which guarantee your parts are fabricated to fit and meet the precise operating range
  • Nondestructive evaluations (NDE) for quick flaw detection

Pump Repair Process

Pump Repair

Pump Repair

Once a pump repair is initiated, our technicians follow a strict series of repair processes to guarantee that your equipment achieves optimum efficiency, including:

  • Dynamic balancing to ISO/API tolerances
  • Precision planning and line-bore work
  • Operational performance testing at our in-shop testing facilities ensures design specifications are met
  • Exclusive hydraulics software analysis improves and optimizes your pump operation
  • Repairs guaranteed for one year

Pump Parts
New, Used or Reverse-Engineered & Manufactured

Pump Parts

Pump Parts

With over three decades in the pump industry and relationships with all major pump suppliers and OEM manufacturers, Best PumpWorks can often find the pump part you need when others can’t. Our inventory features:

  • An inventory of thousands of new, used and surplus parts
  • Part fabrication on-site from our extensive selection of raw materials when parts are unavailable
  • Cast parts can also be quickly reverse engineered with our CMM machine from your sample for the quick manufacture of a new part

Pump Upgrades & Re-rates amp;

Best 610 Pumpworks Upgrade

Pump Upgrades

Our in-house staff of design engineers provides the experience and expertise to extend your pump and seal life through upgrades and enhancements.

  • Laser Surface Treatment on seal face to double mechanical seal life
  • ANSI power frame exchange program for reduced down time
  • Hydraulic re-rate to utilize existing pump though case and impeller modifications
  • Upgrade older design API process pumps to meet current API 610 edition and API 682 standards to extend pump life. See our API 610 Upgrade Program page
  • Wear ring and center stage material modification to increase pump efficiency
  • Wear ring/impeller modifications to reduce pump thrust to extend bearing life

To learn more, visit Pump Upgrades & Re-rates

Pump Service & Maintenance Documentation

Service and Maintenance

Maintenance Documentation

Best PumpWorks maintains a database with accurate, chronological records for all service and repair activities we perform. This database tracks all field service activities, repair history, specific communications, and when available, equipment nameplate and system information. This data makes it easy to:

  • Reduce communication errors
  • Troubleshoot via phone, fax or email
  • Use history to eliminate mistakes and improve service
  • Confirm increased life and maintenance cost reduction with hard data to support results

Pump Installation & Start-up Service

Pump Installation

Pump Installation, Start Up

The experienced technicians at Best PumpWorks can turnkey your pump installation and start-up as well as provide supervision and assistance. Services include:

  • Performing and recording critical equipment measurements
  • Validity equipment operation benchmarks
  • Confirm integrity of connections of all auxiliary support systems
  • Laser shaft alignment to reduce vibration and increase equipment reliability

Site Pump Service Agreements


Pump Repair

Best PumpWorks offers site pump service agreements so that you can focus on your core business leaving with confidence the preventative/predictive maintenance of your pumps to our expert staff.

With over three decades of experience, Best PumpWorks has the expertise, staff, and facilities to keep your up and running. Our expert technicians and support staff will take care of all maintenance requirements and prevent costly down times.

Capabilities include:
  • Full or part time on-site staff to perform preventative/predictive maintenance on all your pumping equipment.
  • Complete maintenance documentation for your records
  • A 50,000 square foot repair center in Houston and 35,000 square foot repair center in Shreveport with the latest equipment and a staff of expert technicians when needed
  • A huge inventory of parts and seals for repairs
  • A fleet of service and repair trucks for onsite repairs and maintenance
  • Flexible levels of support to meet your specific requirements

Contact Information

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