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Pump Remanufacturing & Packaging

TYLER, TX: 110,000 square-foot manufacturing plant and 5,000 square-foot pump performance Test Facility.

The center has the very latest technologies and equipment operated by highly experienced and skilled pump professionals who service, repair or build any type of centrifugal pump, including very large units. Our plant has over 35,000 sq. ft. under roof and a large lay down yard for storage, disassembly and assembly.

We can supply customers with new or remanufactured pumps designed for their specific applications and backed by our new pump warranty.
Our standards of quality start and end with focusing on the customer. Every effort is made to understanding customer requirements and design optimal solutions to meet those requirements. The quality control system we have in place insures quality at every stage, from fabrication to final inspection.

We offer services for any make, model or type of centrifugal pump:

  • Repairs
  • Parts
  • Hydraulic re-rates or modifications
  • Metallurgical upgrades
  • Engineering
  • Training seminars
  • Vibrations analysis of pumps or systems
  • Laser alignments and dynamic balancing
  • Pump Packaging
  • Pump Remanufacturing

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TYLER, TX: 110,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing Plant and Pump Performance Test Facility
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Equipment List

The plant features the latest technologies in CNC and CMM machines for standard and large scale projects.

Pump Remanufacturing

One of Tylers specialized expertise is in the building of remanufactured pumps designed to customer needs.

Our Pump Remanufacturing team of highly skilled pump specialists has at their disposal a full range of machine tooling, dedicated assembly areas and the technical and engineering expertise. They are able to provide customers with a full range of services that meets or exceeds the OEM specification and standards. See our Remanufactured Pumps page for more information.

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Pump Packages

The Tyler manufacture facility can package simple and complex pumps in the configuration requested:

Pump Packages featuring pump and motor with minimal controls mounted on a cast iron, channel steel or fabricated baseplate.

Packaged Pump Systems featuring one or multiple pumps and motor with valves and more complex control panels, mounted on baseplate or skid as per your specifications.

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