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Remanufactured Pumps

Best Pumpworks provides optimal remanufactured process that determines the best way to get your equipment to optimum operating condition. All Best PumpWorks Remanufactured pumps are hydraulically re-rated from surplus or used pumps and material into a new product. A remanufactured pump undergoes a very comprehensive Rotordynamic Analysis and inspection process that addresses ALL aspects of the remanufactured pump in depth.

Once remanufactured, such a pump can surpass the performance of the original OEM pump.

Remanufactured Pump Process

Below is a very brief overview of the comprehensive Best PumpWorks process in the remanufacture of a pump.

This article provides a thorough look at the Remanufactured Process for Pipeline and Centrifugal Pumps

What is the Difference?..Repaired, Rebuilt & Remanufactured Pumps

  • Repaired – Replace a part or fix what is broken. Goal: Get it working again.
  • Rebuilt – Repair worn parts and components. Goal: Get it working again.
  • Remanufactured – Completely disassemble a pump and to make into a new product. Goal: Meet or exceed customer performance specifications.

Why a Remanufactured Pump?

  • Faster Delivery
  • Remanufactured API End-Suction Pumps
    (In 8 to 10 weeks vs. 32 to 45 weeks for OEM)
  • Remanufactured Multistage Pumps
    (In 14 to 16 weeks vs. 45 to 55 weeks for OEM)
  • Complete Performance Testing Available, Guaranteed Rated Condition
  • Competitive Warranty
    (12-months after start-up or 18 months after shipment)

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Rotordynamic AnalysisOVER 4,000 USED & NEW SURPLUS PUMPS

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Pump Source Materials

Source Materials

Completely remanufactured pump.

A remanufactured pump can start as a surplus, as-is pumps from the customer or can be selected from Best PumpWorks inventory of thousands of pumps from where product can be selected that best matches customer specifications.

Source Materials

Examples of some of the more than 4,000 used centrifugal pumps in Best PumpWorks’ Inventory

Disassembly, Cleaning & Inspection


Parts are carefully match-marked during the disassembly process to ensure a mismatch does not occur during the final assembly of the pump.

Each Pump is completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected and assessed to insure it is right choice for the intended service.

Critical components and all parts are inspected for size, concentricity and overall condition:

  • Impeller
  • Shaft
  • Bearing Housing
  • Bearings

PMI instrument confirms metallurgy.

Engineering Review & Remanufacturing Plan

Engineering Review

Single–stage casing being reworked to match impeller for hydraulic re-rating.

Best Engineering and Manufacturing departments review the findings from the Disassembly, Cleaning and Inspection process. Engineering makes sure that the materials of construction and internal clearance meet specifications and are correct for the intended service.

Since the contracted, rated condition is guaranteed, it is imperative that the hydraulics be correct and so the hydraulic design is thoroughly reviewed.

Both departments collaborate in determining the Remanufacturing Plan. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Repair, Replacement and/or Re-engineering of Parts (Best can reverse engineer parts if required)
  • Hydraulic Design Upgrade to Meet Re-rating Requirements
  • Rotating Element Balancing
  • Performance Testing

Assembly & Testing

remanufactured Union MQE

PumpWorks remanufactured Union MQE coke cutter pump, gearbox, lube system and 3000 hp, 6000 V, 50 Hz motor. Unit remanufactured and shipped in 10 weeks.

All the work now converges.

All critical dimensions are checked to 0.001 an inch to ensure conformity to tolerances. Records are available for customer review.

Balancing: Balancing is done using IRD 290 computerized system to meet or exceed OEM or API criteria. The Balance Report is furnished as standard.

Hydrostatic Testing: Tested to 1.5 time maximum working pressure.

Performance Testing: To ensure performance to predicted and guaranteed levels, a pump performance and NPSHR test in accordance with API criteria may be performed at our Pump Testing Facility located in Tyler, Texas USA.

Final Inspection

remanufactured Bingham MSD

PumpWorks remanufactured Bingham MSD 6X8X 11 D -10 stages for natural gas liquid, 0.49 spgr and pipeline application. Unit complete with tandem seals, plan 52, lube oil system and 800 hp motor. Unit shipped in 12 weeks.

A complete inspection is done before delivery to the customer. Records are available for customer review.